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Graduate Student / Recruitment

The Department of Pharmacology is currently recruiting for the following positions.

Recruitment of doctoral students

Features of the laboratory

In the Department of Pharmacology, Keio University School of Medicine, researchers using biochemical/molecular biological methods and theoretical chemical methods (simulations) are enrolled in the laboratories. In an environment where the results of experiments (including the latest two-photon imaging) and simulations (molecular dynamics calculations and quantum chemical calculations) can be fed back to each other, we will utilize the strengths of both.

1) Research on water channels and ion channels
2) Research on higher brain functions such as memory and learning


I would like to go on to various colleges and universities

We welcome applications from those who have studied not only medicine but also biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, science, engineering, agriculture, and pharmacology.

If you are interested, please come and visit our laboratory.  

Keio University School of Medicine Graduate School of Medicine

Graduate School of Medicine Doctoral Course

Graduate School of Medicine Master's Course

Contact: Department of Pharmacology Professor: Masato Yasui
E-mail: keio_pharm-group[at] (Please change [at] to @.

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